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Going to have a little mini rant now about GoT - love the books and really enjoying the series but ...

ok, better cut for SPOILERS, cos I got told off about it before haha

So, those following the TV series will have all hopefully seen 'the Rains of Castamere' by now and be aware of the bloody and horrific events of the Red Wedding... OMG!!!! etc What did you think of it?
I was really pleased by how it was done - the anticipation of knowing what was coming was just about killing me but the tension, even if you hadn't read the books (and you are a bad, bad person who should be ashamed of themselves if not ;p) was palpable. My stomach was in knots the whole episode. and still so much goodness (and gore haha) to come.

But I am having a little problem overall. Getting a bit narked at changes in character, either in what they do or who is where, doing what with whom, etc, as compared to the books. I know, I know, artistic license and all that, making it a more immediate visual story yadda, yadda, encouraging people to go read the books ... all well and good. Honestly, considering I growl like this over every book and comic adaptation you'd think I'd be used to it by now but ... bah humbug!

My main problem however is waiting for the next bloody book, please! Hurry the fuck up! Argh!

to recap, by the end of A Dance with Dragons, part 2, and please turn away for SPOLIERS:
Westeros is still playing out Medieval Europe's bloodthirsty territory wars. Current count 3 kings, I think, possibly 4. I lose count myself of who is where doing what.
Daenrys is still in the slave cities, married to a twonk but shagging her lovely cutthroat *nom* and neglecting her dragons - bad Daenerys, bad! and utterly forgetting all about Westeros for the most part. Grr etc, and get a move on, dear. I know the dragons needed to grow and she needed to consolidate her strength and following but talk about faffing around!
Tyrion is somewhere in her entourage - won't tell you how he got there, just happy he's still alive frankly!
several other people are dead mwahahahaha! *ahem* I won't bore you but suffice to say I am stunned Stannis is not one of them.
As for the Starks, Ayra's off learning to kill people, Sansa I forget, but then I don't like her much anyway. Is she still trapped with Littlefinger? erm, what? Bran is off following his green dreams, presumed dead. Rickon, also presumed dead and very annoying in that small child kind of way, is also off somewhere being wild. Both still have wolves as far as we're aware. Catelyn is a reanimated corpse with a serious vengeance trip going on - though saying that, I keep thinking I'm forgetting a book here?! and Jon Snow, you know nothing, Jon Snow, well ... Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF he is dead I am going to kill Martin. *le sigh*

*deep breaths*

You see, right from the earliest books I thought I'd figured out how it has to end - Jon Snow, you know nothing, Jon Snow and Daenerys and her dragons have to be the ones to stop the white walkers. That's the only way it can happen in my mind. Of course, actually, and thank you Mr Martin for wiping out any sense of complacency I may have had left, it only really needs Dany and the dragons, or even just the fricking dragons themselves, without her.


He has taken the 'kill your darlings' thing to heart methinks a bit too much.

So now, because Jon Snow, who knows nothing as we are all aware, may or may not be dead *sobs*wails*gnashes teeth* and Dani is getting on my nerves with her faffing so I'm flapping around on a very frayed thread waiting on the next book. /heads desk hard.

One of the things I love about Martin, and about GoT in particular, is that you cannot take anything for granted. He is not writing fantasy by numbers. This is fantasy with a whacking great dollop of realism and documented historical comparisons thrown in and no guarantees - he says himself he's looking forward to a bittersweet ending, so frankly I'm terrified. There is no absolute Good and Evil. Heroes will not necessarily triumph, or even survive, and the guy is probably not going to get the girl/boy/goat of his choice. You might choose an allegiance in the beginning, and I would say most of us opted for the Starks with a side order of Tyrion is awesome and oooh dragons, but you can't define your side as the goodies (or the baddies, if you're weird and voted Lannister above all others. After all Tyrion is awesome, as I mentioned, and Jaime too. And Cersei is just fantastic in a warped, spitting venom kind of way.) No-one is seriously rooting for Stannis, or heavily invested in the Wildlings. And we may have fallen in love with the Mother of Dragons but too much faffing has rather dulled my ardour. Besides which I have a bit of a problem with dragons, in that immolation is in my top 3 ways NOT to die, and winning anything with dragons does feel a bit of a cop out. I could be in the minority here but the books have separated into 2 distinct stories for me - first the realist fantasy of  Westeros, all blood, steel and mud ( it really does rain an awful lot) with minute touches of magical whatnots, and then a totally different book involving a pretty lost princess travelling through strange lands with her dragons. I'm beginning to despair of the two sides meeting up tbh.

I suppose I should be grateful next week is the final episode of Season 3 - please let it be Joffrey's wedding! Please! *sniggers nastily* and then I can sit back and forget about it for a bit, and just wait for the box set and the next book to appear, without being reminded of this agony of not knowing every few minutes... tum te tum ...

anyways ... rant over ... slides into insensibility once more ...   


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