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Jul. 24th, 2013 11:11 am
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 I don't know if I'm just getting way too curmudgeony in my old age (lol) but so many things seem to piss me off these days.

This morning I found myself growling at FB - not the page itself, which I really only check to play my stupid Cafe game, but certain inane status updates from 'friends'. Why are people so negative? (says the woman having a growl about it haha) What is with all the passive-aggressive updates? and the ones that should be positive but actually read as negative?

There is one person in particular whose every status begins with 'I enjoyed/liked/had fun with ...', all very positive and happy you think, oh no, because they always, ALWAYS, continue with a 'but' or 'even though'. I'm not even sure she realises she does it. She probably thinks she's writing about the wonderful time she's had and everything is rosy and fantastic with rainbows and sparkles. She isn't the brightest to be fair but all the same, it irks me.
The last one I saw read as follows: 'Had a great time with A & B last night, even though I was really hot and tired.' 
Is it just me? Does anyone else see the negativity in this?
This is a typical post from her. Earlier this week I saw 'Lovely to see A, but it was so far! lol' Do you see what I mean? It should read as a positive statement but it doesn't. Argh! And don't start with the incorrect grammar! Grr! and I don't even know why I care!
I removed her from my f-list anyway - she's not someone close, and I doubt she'll notice, but as we have mutual friends I'll probably still see her updates when they 'like' them. *bangs head on desk*

Why do I care? Nothing to do with her as a person, as I can take or leave her tbh and have no emotional attachment to her whatsoever. It's that she, and others like her, have the uncanny knack of utterly ruining my mood in the blink of an eye. I was feeling quite happy and upbeat this morning - it was James' 20th bday yesterday (and I didn't have a breakdown at that fact), we'd had a lovely day and I'd spent a few pleasant and productive hours making denim bunting while watching Sherlock - all in all a good day in my books. I hadn't slept well - this heat is killing me - but I was feeling reasonably spritely and chipper when I got up until I read her status and my mood plummeted like a rock instantly. And now I'm narked, and depressed, and feeling really out of sorts. So fing annoying.

Hey ho ... tum te tum and ommmmmmm etc.

Ignore me, I'm just a grumpy old woman. Think I'll watch more Supernatural to cheer myself up hehe
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