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Ok, so one of my resolutions was to get back to blogging more - it's only the 12th, I'm not that late haha

Crimbo was good, despite having a terrible cold which came down with a fury on Boxing Day and hadn't quite let up by New year's Eve, but I still went out :) and had fun!

But the best thing that has happened this year is that I have new fluffy-bum fur-babies! and I am so happy. I can't describe to you how amazing it makes me feel to have a cat follow you round the house, or squeak to get your attention ( neither of them mew properly), or flop down on the floor at your feet for belly-rubs, or clamber around on your lap and stick their bum in your face, or climb over the keyboard while you're on the computer - I have missed this so so so much!
They're both so adorable, and the prettiest pair ever. They bonded with me immediately, taking a little longer with Jack (by a little longer I mean no more than an hour)and they have to keep checking where we are when they're investigating round the house - running back every 10 minutes to squeak about some new discovery and then off again - they're so funny!

I am now going to spam you with piccies haha

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Have the most horrendous headcold - cannot focus on the keyboard or the screen to write anything so Nano is pretty much out the window for me right now - I'm still writing notes longhand but of course that means typing them up at some point and I've kind of lost the plot (of life) for the mo so ... snuggles on my settee with knitting and kitty is about as much as I can handle.

Just thinking though I really need to sort out this dreamwidth account with a decent layout - any volunteers - you know what I like?!! Oh and for those who haven't added me here yet it's 'scutter' just so you know.
[NB: posting on DW, cross-posting to LJ]

Right, even this miniscule amount of typing has made my vision all fuzzy and head hurting like a bastard to I'm off to find my blankie :)
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So it seems, from a Russian rumour, that LJ will finally be giving up the ghost in the Spring with a leaked preview page that turns LJ into something more akin to Tumblr. Plans are also afoot to get rid of paid account and other paid extras (making me doubly pleased I did not renew my paid bits). This saddens me but I suppose it was to be expected.

I'll just have to start using this Dreamwidth account more ... ho hum!

Life, ish

Sep. 7th, 2012 08:47 am
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Have I seriously not used this journal for a whole year? How bizarre!
Maybe I was hoping Lj would sort itself out? Maybe I was wishing the mass exodus would slow down and the comms return to life?
neither of those things happened of course and I realised I hadn't blogged on LJ since April. I don't know what to do really - I have an attachment to my comms but it feels rather futile updating them when no-one is around to care. But on the other hand do I have the energy to start over on here, or elsewhere? Probably not. Saying that I kind of promised myself I'd blog more often - not that I have anything to say but more to validate my existence on the interwebs haha

Oh I don't know ... what to do!

Lj musings

Sep. 29th, 2010 10:15 am
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I've just announced I will be making a f-cut on lj. My f-list there isn't large but there are people who don't comment, and don't post much themselves. Also a couple of people's association with cambitch still worries me. I'd like to remove all possible ties from that girl.
On top of that there is still the problem of x-posting and so on, which LJ seems determined to ignore.
Maybe I should post here more often - but then I have so little to say about my life atm ...


Sep. 2nd, 2010 10:20 am
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Really, this is simply to have something on my page - I have no idea what to write or what I'm intending to do with this journal - call it security!


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